Raidable Bases 2.4.4 [SUPER LEAK🔥]


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What's New in Version 2.4.4
  • Fixed performance issue with buyable events
  • Fixed new bases despawning shortly after plugin load
  • Fixed custom spawn points in profiles not working properly
  • Fixed issue with no containers being found due to above issue
  • Fixed issue where loot table stacksize option would not work
  • Fixed issue where loot could be nearly identical
  • Fixed bases not spawning ( throwing exception)
  • Fixed npcs taking damage from external high wall ice (SimpleBuildingBlock => ShortPrefabName)
  • Fixed QueueNotification.NullReferenceException (check BasePlayer.IsConnected)
  • Fixed spawning on the train_track prefab
  • Removed support for syringes (will support native Rust in future)
  • Added `Event Messages => Ineligible For Rewards` to specify to players why they were not rewarded
  • Added `Npcs => Kill Underwater Npcs` (true)


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